More Prayer! Buffalo Bills Share Extremely Positive Update On Damar Hamlin’s Condition

    Source: Megan Briggs / Getty

    Damar Hamlin is recovering. We weren’t sure we have the opportunity to type that sentence but it is truly a blessed feeling to be able to do so.

    Earlier today, the Buffalo Bills brought good news to the masses with the following tweet updating us on Damar’s condition.

    — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) January 5, 2023

    Following their announcement, Damar’s doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center held a live press conference online to speak on more details related to what they’ve seen from #3 over the past 72 hours.

    The University of Cincinnati Health physicians are live providing an update on the condition and care of Damar Hamlin.

    — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) January 5, 2023

    If you’re looking for a tear-jerking cherry to put atop this emotional sundae, peep this latest update from the Bills about what Damar asked when he finally awoke from his sedation…

    An update we were all hoping for. ❤️💙

    — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) January 5, 2023

    Who the HELL is chopping all these onions?!?

    This substantial improvement is literally the answer to millions and millions of prayers from NFL fans and even those who have no interest whatsoever in football. Despite this positive news, we want to be clear that Damar is not “out of the woods” yet. Doctors still have him listed in critical condition and there will still be an intense evaluation of his status going forward. At this point, Damar has not spoken a word but it appears that his brain is functioning as he’s able to understand when he’s spoken to in addition to being able to move his hands and feet.

    Said Dr. William Knight via ESPN:

    “When we talk about neurologically intact, it’s a very gross term of big motor movements and following commands,” Knight said. “When we talk about the finer things that make us human — cognition, emotion, speech, language, etc. — we’re looking forward to learning more about that soon.”

    We will keep you updated as soon as new information is available. Keep praying!

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