Did You Know? Brandy Reveals This Famous Actress Coached Her In Preparation For ‘Moesha’ [Exclusive]

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    We’ve got an exclusive clip from Brandy’s new Audible Words + Music project titled “Brandy – A New Moon” which premieres today on December 2nd.

    In Brandy’s ‘Words + Music,’ she holds nothing back as she traces the personal experiences, triumphs, and traumas that shaped her as a global, generational superstar. Written and conceived by Brandy with Gerrick Kennedy, Brandy’s ‘Words + Music’ is an intimate and bracingly raw meditation on power and purpose from one of the most influential singers of all time.

    Check out the clip below where Brandy reveals her insecurities about having her Moesha show greenlit. It turns out she got some coaching from another famous former child actress to get her where she needed to be.

    We love us some Kim Fields. What a gem of a story. Don’t you miss Moesha? We’d love a reboot!

    Check out Brandy’s ‘Words + Music,’ Audible project HERE

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