Exclusive: Gabourey Sidibe Stars In VH1 Holiday Comedy ‘All I Didn’t Want For Christmas’

    Who knew Gabourey Sidibe would be playing a “Bah Humbug Baddie” this holiday season?

    Source: Courtesy / VH1

    We’ve got an exclusive first look at the new trailer for All I Didn’t Want For Christmas, a holiday comedy that’s part of VH1’s Naughty or Nice lineup. Gabourey Sidibe leads an all-star acting ensemble that also includes Loretta Devine, Kel Mitchell, Karen Knox and Andrew Bushell.

    “Finally, a feel-good Holiday Story for adults who hate feel-good Holiday Stories,” Gabourey Sidibe says of the film.

    Check out the trailer:

    Looks hilarious right?

    Here’s a full synopsis of the film:

    Emily Harris is not doing great. In a desperate attempt to improve her life and make this Christmas not totally suck, Emily writes a letter to Santa. Fortunately and unfortunately, her wine-soaked wishes start coming true. P.S. She definitely doesn’t remember most of what she wrote in the letter, so she is in for some uncomfortable surprises. Which eventually leads to some Christmas-fueled soul searching about what she actually wants/needs.

    We’re excited for this one!

    All I Didn’t Want For Christmas premieres Wednesday, December 7th at 8PM ET/PT

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