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Dantae Dupree | Chuckie Miller,
Marcus Jenkins | Mark Bruce,
Eugene Robertson | Fred Loc
Ladies Night
Summer Luau Party

Co-hosted by:
Home Boy the Clown, Valarie Burks
Rochelle Roro, Sammiethaman

Celebrating All Leos

Saturday - July 28, 2018
9:00pm - 2:00am

Paradise Restaurant & Bar
889 W. 190th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90248

Ladies:  Always Super Sexy
Fellas:  Stay Close
(Summer Hawaiian Cool)

Bring Your Own Leis or We Provide Them

Door @ $20.00

Bottles & Tables
Chuckie Miller (562) 673-5296
Marcus Jenkins (310) 594-4635
Mark Bruce (213) 507-8492

Sponsored by:
Commerce the Firm